Apa Mau Makan?? 

“Apa mau makan??”  This Malay phrase, though not grammatically correct and will probably get you negative marks when used in exams, means ‘What do you want to eat?’. Our ‘paling’-most favourite phrase at home 🙂

My husband will always annoy me with this phrase as I used to ask my full time maid who was with me for only one month (this happened more than 9 years ago), “Apa mau makan?”- for lunch and dinner! And I dutifully prepared/ bought it for her. Thank God that only lasted for a month! 

A short intro about me. A bored-to-death housewife (in the mornings only cause it’s when the kids are at school) who loves to snack! Especially on cakes and anything with a crunch… potato chips and keropok ikan included. I am happily married to one HUNK of a man, who has suddenly decided to grow a beard and look like a terrorist! Although he thinks that he looks like Conor McGregor – refer to the image below taken from WSJ. There is a slight resemblance though 😍

Together we have two lovely, but at times pesky and irritating kids, bestowed with the names Marissa and Ryan. Marissa is quite the gem of a child, very obedient, hard working and does everything you ask her to do. The younger brother on the other hand, is the total opposite! Lacks the hardworking gene and is very relaxed about life. He is somewhat lackadaisical (definitely inherited it from the dad’s side 😉) but he loves helping out in the kitchen and doing housework. At only 9 years old, he can make a plate of yummy stir fried French beans with garlic. Look out girls, he is surely going to be an amazing husband but unfortunately he swears that he isn’t going to get married as he wants to live with us forever!! Both of them!!! ‘Pengsan’- faint!!!

The kids and I enjoy our teatime. I patiently wait for teatime daily because it’s the only time I don’t have to make sure they eat properly, unlike lunch and dinner. How many mums out there feel the same? We  mothers must always ensure the kids are given a balanced diet isn’t it? Unlike fathers, who just feed them with  McDonald’s chicken McNuggets!! 

My late mum (God bless her soul), left me this ancient Kitchen Aid mixer, which she bought second hand from a white lady who was leaving Malaysia back in the 1980’s. Comes complete with a transformer!! Weighs a tonne too! Mummy also left me her heavily guarded sugee cake recipe to continue her tradition of baking cakes for family members and loved ones, complimentary of course!! Cause no one would pay me for it. What can I say, frugality was the IN thing back THEN during my mum’s era, and it still is NOW. Me included, as I’m after all from the Bronx of KL aka Sentul 😝

This blog is dedicated to my kids, Marissa and Ryan. I will be jotting down the recipes I use daily for them to recreate later on in life. If you do try out the recipes, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do 😊

Coming up soon, simple yet delicious Phad Thai!!

Xoxo (wannabe GG)



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